Your Turn to Profit from Property Investing Workbook

Your Turn to Profit from Property Investing Workbook


Real estate investing. The term conjures up different images and elicits different reactions in everyone. People get into real estate investing for myriad reasons, and they either succeed or fail for myriad reasons, too. Investing in real estate will never be a passing fad type of business. People have been buying and selling property for hundreds of years and will no doubt continue to do so for many years to come. It is a steady, solid business. However, it demands awareness, knowledge, common sense, and a great deal of plain old hard work. Like in my book, Your Turn to Profit from Prosperity Investing, I bring you this workbook so you can build on the information about various aspects of the field and develop strategies to succeed at your chosen endeavor while avoiding common pitfalls. In this workbook, you will explore: # Finding your real estate investing niche # Building your brand and personal brand statement # Defining your mission and business criteria # Developing a business plan # Learning how to find properties and put together financing # Identifying your exit strategies

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Tunde Akande
Paperback | 108 pages
216 x 279 x 6mm | 268g
Publication date
02 Nov 2016
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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