Reading Russian Workbook for Children : Total Beginner

Reading Russian Workbook for Children : Total Beginner


Welcome to the Russian Step By Step Learning System! This Series is designed for the children in elementary and middle school (7 - 14 years old). For children in preschool and kindergarten - please use our series Azbuka. For the children in high school, college students and adults - please use our series Russian Step By Step School Edition. This series is a step-by-step introduction to the Russian language for children who do not speak Russian or have a limited exposure to the Russian language. Depending on the level of the child, you can begin using any step of this series. Our series consists of a Workbook, Audio (Direct Download for a website), a Teacher's Manual, Slides, and Games. If you are a parent or a relative of the child and will be leading the lessons, you will require the Teacher's Manual. If you are a teacher - we promise that the Teacher's Manual will greatly facilitate your lesson plan preparation and significantly cut your lesson prep time. Upon completion of this book the student will be able to read in Russian, will learn how to form positive and negative statements, yes/no questions, general (who, what, where) questions, you will learn about genders of Russian nouns, you will also learn Personal Pronouns, and counting 0 - 10. Russian Step By Step Workbook 1 is the first step in this series. It is designed for total beginners, who don't have any knowledge of Russian language. This item includes the Workbook 1 and the corresponding Audio (Direct Download from a website). The Workbook has four parts: Primary Course, Grammar, Answer Key, and Dictionaries. The Primary Course section consists of 6 lessons. Each lesson introduces new words and new grammar that are practiced in the exercises. The Grammar section corresponds to the 6 lessons in the Primary Course. Here you will find the explanation of new language and grammar rules that will help you use this language properly. In this section you will also find translation of the new vocabulary.

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Natasha Alexandrova, Elena Litnevskaya, Anna Watt
Paperback | 84 pages
203 x 254 x 4mm | 186g
Publication date
13 Aug 2014
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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