Stand Up Strummer

Stand Up Strummer


Meet Max Strummer. He's young, handsome, successful - a doctor by day and a stand-up comedian by night. He's also blissfully happy with his long-term girlfriend Sarah ...or so he thinks. Meet Sarah. She's been cheating on Max with another woman for the past six months. And he's just about to find out...And then there's Orlanda. Stunning, vivacious, sexy, a successful photographer with a penchant for erotic pictures, she seems like the woman of Max's dreams. But she may just be the woman of his nightmares! As Max tries in vain to cope with the problems of his private life, the mishaps of his medical practice, and the chaos of his comedy career, he finds himself sinking into a sticky mess of frustrating sexual complaints and disastrous pharmaceutical side-effects. And that's just for starters. It's hard to stand up when life keeps knocking you down - but Max Strummer is a guy who'll do whatever it takes. Even when he ought to know better...Max Strummer is every friend you've had who's gone into a tailspin, except with better access to treatments for erectile dysfunction. Which could be handy, or a disaster waiting to happen.
Unfortunately, it may be that Strummer's law is 'If something can go wrong, it will, and often with hilarious consequences.'

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Dr. Russ Harris
Paperback | 562 pages
178 x 254 x 29mm | 977g
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28 Dec 2012
Publisher Ltd
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Richmond, BC, Canada
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Large Print 16 pt
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black & white illustrations
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