A Spicy Little Dream

A Spicy Little Dream


In A Spicy Little Dream is a message for all students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Spicy has lost his gifts and his creativity sitting in a boring classroom day after day with a teacher who is burnt out and does not care anymore. His teacher Mrs. Salsa likes everyone the same. She wants all the worksheets done and wants journal writing to be about the weather. Mrs. Salsa is not interested in Spicy's ideas and prefers that he just remain quiet.She believes that all children should be blended together and no one should stand out in any way. She especially hates that Spicy wants to share new ideas. Mr. Taco the bus driver tells Spicy of the way schools used to be before a monster called "testing" took over. Spicy learns to take himself out of this dreary classroom in his daydreams. One day he imagines the perfect classroom where children have fun learning and the teacher enjoys teaching. He dreams of a new school that is bright and cheery. On this particular day his dreams become reality when he stands up for what is right and shares his dream with his principal, only to find out that she has also had the same dream! She had no idea who the student in her dream was. The principal listens to Spicy and immediately calls a parent meeting for that very night. Changes come fast and the school climate changes. The students still cannot believe the changes and are very grateful to Spicy. Mrs. Salsa becomes her true loving self and remembers what teaching is all about. Readers will identify with Spicy's struggles and dreams. A Spicy Little Dream is a wonderful children's book, teacher inservice tool, a resource for gifted education and a great gift for your favorite teacher!

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Kathy S. Miller, Emily Schmidt
For ages
Paperback | 32 pages
216 x 280 x 2mm | 102g
Publication date
30 Nov 2007
Publication City/Country
Bloomington, United States

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